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Some of the staff at Interconnect Wireless have been in the telecommunications industry providing connectivity to people just like you since 1988.  We've worked at some of the big-name carriers and have observed what works and what doesn't in the field.   IWC was formed, from the ground up by residence who live and work in the Southern Tier, with the ideology that the Internet has become a necessity in everyday life, not just something nice service to have for fun.  While other companies will treat you like you’re nothing more than an account number, you can rest assured that at IWC we will treat you like our next-door neighbor.  We won't leave you without service for weeks on end.  When an outage does happen, we'll be sure to keep you up to date with accurate and timely information.  We are a locally owned broadband company and we value our customers.  We strive to be your hometown wireless network team.

Mission Statement


Interconnect Wireless Corp’s mission is to provide high-speed fixed wireless Internet access at a reasonable price to underserved rural regions; to create long-lasting relationships with business and residential clients by providing exceptional service at reasonable prices; and to grow the economy, and quality of life, for rural residents and companies throughout the Northeast.

Join us today and be a part of our growing hometown network!