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about us
Interconnect Wireless was formed in 2019 with a single goal in mind, to bring broadband internet service to those who were unable to access it before. Our founders are from rural areas, that could not access actual broadband internet, and had to endure through a pandemic with only having DSL or Satellite services. It was difficult for everyone to homeschool their children or work remotely with slow or oversubscribed internet services. We at IWC were done seeing the limitations of wired internet effecting not only ourselves, but our friends and neighbors.

IWC has set out to deliver a best-in-class wireless network, that will also provide the level of customer service our underserved areas of Chenango County deserve. Through our partnerships with local communities and utility companies, we are looking forward to helping stoke economic development, provide access to telemedicine and other internet-based services. Thus, giving our small rural communities and businesses a level of connectivity normally only found in larger towns and cities.

We are not a massive conglomerate where you are just a number but a locally-owned-and-operated broadband provider that truly values our customers. We provide state of the art equipment and reasonable pricing, paired with exceptional service. Become part of our hometown team and allow us to be your local internet service provider today!